Proud Owners

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Gunther, lovingly owned by Mike Conway

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Sydney, lovingly owned by Scott Whitmore

dakota_1_sept06.jpg (37346 bytes)  dakota_2_sept06.jpg (30467 bytes)

Windorff's Flying Dakota, lovingly owned by Gary and Joanne McGregor 

macbeth_1_sept06.jpg (18443 bytes)

Macbeth, lovingly owned by Carol Uhde

raja_1_sept06.jpg (17618 bytes)  raja_3_sept06.jpg (16656 bytes)

Raja, lovingly owned by Chris and Jaya Szypulewski

Olivercopy2004.jpg (22097 bytes)

Oliver, lovingly owned by Ewa Kozik

Heidi, lovingly owned by little Sarah Elizabeth

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